SQ Eclipse Plugin always shows all Issues as "new"

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SQ Eclipse Plugin always shows all Issues as "new"

Christoph Forster
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Hi All,

I'm facing the Problem, that my Eclipse SonarQube Analysis always marks all Issues as "new".
When reading older posts I found out, that there are 2 possible errors that lead in different HashCodes for the Java Files:

1. ) The Encoding is different --> I checked it, encoding on Jenkins (runs nightly Build analysis) and Local Eclipse show up "Source encoding: UTF-8, default locale: en_US"

2.) The sonar.projectBaseDirs are different. This is correct because the Jenkins Analysis is performed on Linux and the Eclipse Analysis on Windows but I did not manage it to set sonar.projectBaseDir. I tried it with "Preview Analysis Properties" and with JVM Argument ("JVM arguments for preview analysis") - both did not work.

I'm running SonarQube 4.5.4 and SonarQube Eclipse Plugin 3.4.0